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GROW Business Coaching comprises a group of passionate, growth-hungry, and results-driven coaches who help hundreds of business leaders, and their teams leverage their strengths and tap into their potential for further success, focused on growing businesses, people, and profits.

GROW’s purpose is to unlock the potential of the leaders and their teams that they coach so that they can go on to build profitable, impactful, and enduring businesses using their methodology encapsulated in the GROWth Formula, and years of experience in building and scaling businesses to deliver measurable results for the businesses they coach.

The Business Challenge

As GROW had been a long-term client with Brightside, their objectives set at the beginning of the partnership had already been met. They had built a solid marketing foundation, developed all the necessary collateral, and were now focused on goals geared toward lead generation.

Brightside Marketing has gone above and beyond in helping us achieve our marketing goals by simply breaking down the marketing strategy, developed just for us, into a simple, easy-to-understand execution plan.” Andrew Aitken, CEO, GROW


GROW had worked hard to get their marketing to a point where the marketing machine could run in tandem with them reaching their lead-generation goals. With GROWth top of mind, GROW was looking to expand its client base as well as venture into new avenues of business.

Core Objectives Identified:
  • Build brand awareness and credibility
  • Generate and close high-quality, relevant leads
  • Onboard new entrepreneur coaches for the year
  • Build higher levels of brand awareness
  • Ensure consistent leads through digital marketing

Why Brightside Marketing?

“Wherever your understanding of marketing lies, Brightside will meet you there with open arms, taking you on a journey, at a pace suitable for your organisation, to help develop the sophistication that is needed to best market your business effectively.” Andrew Aitken, CEO, GROW Business Coaching


A lead-generation-centered strategy was needed and with targeted marketing tactics that spoke directly to a segmented audience, we were able to put the GROW offering in front of the right people, increasing the chances of conversion.

The Marketing Solution:
  • Public relations strategy was put into effect
  • Metrics dashboard that tracks all key statistics for all marketing activities was developed and implemented
  • Rich social media continued (focused on a showcasing documentary of GROW, client successes & SEO rich content)
  • Sales process for the entrepreneur coaches was mapped and additional supporting collateral developed
  • SEO was enhanced through blogs, PR, client stories, and newsletters
  • Social selling and paid advertising methods were implemented
  • Website messaging and user journey was refined


GROW has expanded significantly since the pivot of focus toward lead generation and with various marketing tactics, we have managed to significantly increase their digital presence. With eight new entrepreneur coaches onboarded in 2022, we look forward to the upward trajectory of consistent leads and new business to follow.

  • Increased Organic website traffic by 47%
  • Decreased average website bounce rate by 10%
  • Increased average website session duration by 44%
  • Increased organic social traffic by 47%
  • Increased LinkedIn engagement by 1,183%
  • Increased LinkedIn page views (profile views) by 1,568%
  • Increased unique visitors on LinkedIn increased by 1,322%
To sum it all up…

“Since partnering with Brightside, the sophistication of our marketing capabilities has increased more than we knew possible.Andrew Aitken, CEO, GROW

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