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Cardinal | Case Study

Cardinal is an InsurTech solutions business with over 2 decades of short-term (P&C) insurance systems expertise that leverages technology to overcome industry inefficiencies, whilst seamlessly connecting all players in the short-term insurance value chain.

Cardinal provides clients with a wide range of products, services, and solutions. This includes administrative insurance software, multi-quote platforms for call centers, user experience, and interface specialists, mobile application development for financial service providers, and business process optimisation.

The Business Challenge

Cardinal had some experience in marketing but soon realised that it was a facet of the business that they weren’t getting right. They had very clear ideas of what they wanted to achieve but were unsure how to get there. They were frustrated with the marketing process without key messaging or a marketing team that could dedicate consistent time and resources to their business goals.

With Cardinal’s previous experience in marketing, they had grown to view the marketing process as being costly, time-consuming, and difficult to manage and maintain. They were looking for a partner that would not only develop a robust strategy but also consistently execute it.

“I have always run a business believing that if you’re going to do something you have to do it properly and marketing was one aspect of our business we never did properly. In the past I viewed marketing as an unnecessary expense; it was very costly, difficult to manage & maintain, and ultimately, very difficult to gauge how much value it was bringing in.” – Graham Harvey, CEO, of Cardinal


Core Marketing Issues Identified:
  • Primarily a ‘sales driven’ organisation that spent a lot of time and effort ‘chasing’ clients
  • Lacked a holistic and integrated approach to marketing
  • Needed to establish and solidify a clear, unique, and compelling market position
  • Wanted more business from existing clients and to grow market share in targeted segments
  • Lacked the time and resources to execute on marketing strategy

Why Brightside Marketing?

Brightside Marketing is a great partner to us as they have all the different skills within the business, we didn’t need to go and employ different people or agencies to do it properly.”Graham Harvey, CEO, Cardinal


We started by interrogating and unpacking the business, to discover what was at Cardinal’s core. With a few key questions posed to the management team, we began to peel back the layers and discover what Cardinal as a brand meant – what its purpose, mission, and values were, and how we could weave these discoveries into a strategy that would not only achieve their marketing objectives but also maintain the integrity of their close-knit company culture.

The Marketing Solution:
  • A holistic marketing branding and marketing strategy was developed
  • Ideal target market and customer personas were developed
  • Key messaging was crafted and consistently communicated across all marketing channels and touchpoints
  • A visual identity that aligned with Cardinal’s brand narrative and unique positioning was created
  • The Cardinal website was redesigned to showcase Cardinal’s world-class, tech-first solution; with key messaging integrated and offerings well positioned. The website served as a launch-pad for Cardinal’s marketplace – iPlatform
  • Social media platforms were optimised and updated frequently with relevant content that positioned Cardinal as a thought-leader
  • SEO-driven content was published in the form of blogs
  • Case studies and testimonials were written and designed to demonstrate the impact Cardinal has on clients
  • Quarterly newsletters released to keep Cardinal top of mind with existing clients and prospects
  • Structured internal marketing plan developed and implemented to build on the company culture and effectively position Cardinal to attract and retain talent


The impact of our marketing efforts were especially evident when we made the move to document and showcase the impact Cardinal had on its clients through testimonials and case studies. With glowing reviews and positive affirmations from their clientele, it was clear that Cardinal was growing in the right direction. Having generated more business from existing clients and grown their market share in targeted segments it is clear we are on the right track to achieving all our business and marketing goals.


*Metrics measured over 6 months

  • LinkedIn Page Views (profile views) increased by 557%
  • LinkedIn Unique visitors increased by 758%
  • LinkedIn organic followers increased by 575 followers
  • LinkedIn engagement increased by 6,733%
  • Average of 600 website visitors per month
  • SEO rankings consistently improved month-on-month with 3 keywords in the top 10 (including 1st and 2nd position) within 3 months of SEO implementation
To sum it all up…

Brightside proved to me, without a doubt, that you need focus, dedication, and marketing experts on it 24/7 – it is a full-time specialist role within the business that is critical.” – Graham Harvey, CEO, Cardinal

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