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Viva Engineering is a turnkey SMPP contractor producing world-class steel products and servicing the mining and industrial sectors. Founded on the principles of professionalism, excellence, integrity, and accountability, Viva is a respected contractor to many international clients and has earned a reputation for cost competitiveness, quality, on-time delivery, and safety.

Viva is driven by their vision ‘to be the most trusted turnkey SMPP contractor in sub-Saharan Africa known for keeping our promises and delivering projects on time, in full and always safely’. With more than 150 highly skilled and experienced individuals making up the Viva ‘family’ and a manufacturing facility of over 8000 m2 that meets both ISO9001:2015 and international manufacturing standards Viva is committed to designing change.

The Business Challenge

Viva’s initial approach to marketing was tactical and ad hoc, and with no clear strategy, key messaging, or plan of execution in place, their marketing followed a “spray and pray” approach. This resulted in ongoing frustration as clients were mostly unaware of their full-service offering, often turning to competitors for services that Viva could’ve provided.

“Before Brightside Marketing, the image of our organisation that was being portrayed and the message we were sending was very different to who and what we are, and what we can do” – Collen Gibbs, Director, Viva Engineering


What Viva needed was an outsourced marketing partner who would detail the path to getting a robust marketing engine up and running.

Brightside kicked off with a full marketing audit, delving deeper into Viva’s previous marketing efforts, as well as the activity of its competitors. Armed with critical insights into the industry, valuable data from clients, and a rich understanding of the B2B marketing landscape, Brightside addressed Viva’s approach to marketing with the development of an all-encompassing strategy that was underpinned by a unique and compelling differentiator and clearly defined messaging.

Core Marketing Issues Identified:

  • Viva’s previous approach to marketing was tactical and ad-hoc – they lacked a holistic marketing strategy
  • Clients were unaware of Viva’s full-service offering
  • Digital presence was not integrated into the brand and brand experience
  • Key brand messaging was unclear and not integrated effectively into all marketing touchpoints

Why Brightside Marketing?

“I think what differentiates Brightside from its competitors is the people in Brightside. I have worked very closely with both Donna, and I’ve never met a more hard-working lady than Nadia, always with a smile, always coming up with ideas, and when the pressure is on, she somehow manages to keep everything calm and together.” – Collen Gibbs, Director, Viva Engineering


We needed to get Viva not just in front of potential new clients but also ensure their brand was representing all they could achieve with their existing clients. Thanks to a detailed marketing strategy that enmeshed both traditional and digital marketing techniques, we were able to guide Viva toward its business and marketing objectives.

The Marketing Solution:
  • A full branding and marketing audit was conducted
  • A holistic branding and marketing strategy was developed
  • Key messaging was crafted and consistently communicated across all marketing channels and touchpoints
  • A brand overhaul was initiated including the design of a new, modern logo and Corporate Identity/Visual Identity that best spoke to the desired positioning of the Viva brand
  • The Viva website was re-designed and re-developed to showcase the full breadth and range of the offerings and expertise associated with Viva
  • The company’s audiences were segmented, and an email marketing strategy was developed and executed
  • Videos were developed to showcase Viva’s people, capabilities, and world-class facilities
  • Quarterly newsletters showcasing successes and thought leadership were distributed to keep Viva top of mind with existing clients and prospects
  • A joint marketing approach with Viva’s strategic partner Hogarths Engineering was executed. This included packaging the joint offering, developing joint marketing collateral, and developing an impactful joint ‘go to’ market strategy


As a long-term partner of Brightside, Viva has experienced a host of marketing and business successes. With the combination of marketing tactics that got their marketing engine kicked into high gear, Viva was able to establish a strategic partnership with Hogarths Engineering. United, they were able to provide an unparalleled service whose reach spanned across Zimbabwe and the neighbouring countries.

Frequent newsletters and targeted email marketing campaigns continue to ensure that Viva remains top of mind with both current and potential clients, with business orders responding positively to Viva’s new brand presence.


With digital metrics showing significant increases over the past nine months and a host of successful leads stemming from a LinkedIn campaign we are thrilled with the results Viva has and will continue to enjoy.

Digital metrics on an upward trajectory

*All results were measured over 9 months

  • Website visitors have averaged 550 (over what period) since the launch of the website
  • Organic search accounts for the majority of website traffic
  • Increased Website Users by 77%
  • Increased Website Sessions by 89%
  • Increased Website Pageviews by 75%
  • Increased Organic Traffic by 79%
  • Increased Referral Traffic by 246%
  • Increased Social Traffic by 76%
To sum it all up…

“The biggest impact that Brightside has had on us, is that our clients are now fully aware of our capabilities, offerings, and expertise. Brightside has helped us shift gear, and we are now embarking on a clear direction from a marketing perspective, comforted and confident in their guidance, every step of the way.” – Collen Gibbs, Director, Viva Engineering

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